T3 Insight, February 2020

T3 Sixty's monthly brief providing analysis on the most important trends and developments as well as a quick digest of the most notable news in the industry.

February 2020 Edition

What one high-performing team’s journey reveals about brokerages

With commissions compressing, consumer demands increasing, and technology integration continuing, real estate teams increasingly offer entrepreneurial agents an organized way to grow. Brokerages increasingly must develop programs to support them, from office space, branding and marketing support to competitive…

The 5 contract terms that imperil most M&A transactions

There is always an intense focus on the sales multiple when it comes to business mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”). In most M&A transactions one company absorbs another; the terms “mergers” and “acquisitions” refer to technical differences in how a…

How brokerages should leverage iBuying (and ‘iFinancing’) and its end-to-end real estate transaction promise

The revolutionary iBuyer model — in which companies aim to streamline residential real estate transactions by offering all-cash offers, fast financing and quick, flexible sales to residential real estate sellers and buyers — is transforming the residential real estate…

Investment in real estate fintech drives residential to record $2.5B in 2019

The real estate funding revolution continued to accelerate with investors putting $2.5 billion into residential real estate in 2019, a 42 percent jump over 2018 investment. Approximately two-thirds of 2019 investment went to five iBuyer and iFunder companies: Offerpad…

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Hire Leaders for What They Can Do, Not What They Have Done Link to Story: HBR Summary: Choosing effective leaders requires great care and the ability to discern whether a candidate is just a valuable contributor or a promising…
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