T3 Insight, October 2020

T3 Sixty's monthly brief providing analysis on the most important trends and developments as well as a quick digest of the most notable news in the industry.

October 2020 Edition

Chicago-based @properties announces national franchise play

Launched in 2000, @properties has grown into the nation’s 11th largest brokerage by 2019 sales volume through steady organic growth in Chicago and in surrounding markets, including parts of Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. And now, fueled by a large…

Recruiting funnel best practices and technology solutions

Agent recruiting is the lifeblood of real estate brokerages. Brokerages either grow or shrink — they never stand still. Because business always changes, companies need to have a smart strategy and effective tools to proactively search for and secure…

The secret to hiring outstanding talent

When it comes to hiring, one of the most common blunders companies make involves picking a candidate who does not y fit the firm or the position. This can be an extremely costly mistake. There are several reasons why…

What we’re reading

In October, we highlight 9 stories that w’re tracking. Here’s a peak: Keller Williams forms holding company KWx Compass acquires startup Modus Spencer Rascoff and Austin Allison launch startup to help homeowners buy second homes…
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